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Join Culinary Events Northwest owner, Leslie Lightner, as she welcomes you to her new Lynnwood location serving the greater Everett and North Seattle area. Hone your skills alongside friends new and old while attending cooking classes in our beautifully designed, well-appointed kitchen. It features spacious granite counter tops and the finest appliances on the market, including: six burner commercial gas range, induction cook top, (2) luxury series refrigerator/freezers, 3 convection wall ovens, steam oven, speed oven, and warming drawer.


Dynamic public and private classes, events, corporate teambuilding and catered affairs for those with a passion for cooking, baking, eating and all things culinary! If you or your group is seeking an interactive, entertaining, stimulating and fun experience--then Culinary Events Northwest is the resource for you!

Benefits of Corporate Team Building

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Benefits of Corporate Team Building

The benefits of corporate team building events are so vast that nearly all companies (large and small) have scheduled team building into their training curriculum.  When orchestrated at a relaxing or stimulating venue, these events create realistic experiences that empower members to contribute to common goals.  They provide casual, often entertaining social opportunities for team members to learn about each other outside of the workplace, resulting in more effective working relationships.

Still not convinced?  Following are just a few benefits resulting from a successful team building.

  • Enhanced communication skills, concentration, decision making, stress minimization and self confidence
  • Increased productivity, competence and profits
  • Improved morality, leadership skills, and barrier tackling
  • A strengthened corporate culture
  • A contented workforce devoted to the company

In short; an effective corporate team building ensures support to the company and management through better communication, faster and more effective conflict resolution, a sense of purpose and personal job satisfaction.

Lastly, team building is an ongoing process.  Planning one annual event does little for the group's long-term success. Planning multiple events throughout the year, each with a different focus (i.e.: competition, communication, trust, problem solving, etc.)  will aid management in targeting a variety of ever-changing staff needs.  A corporate culture integrating regular team building exercises, where employees connect and learn to trust each other, will far better serve the organization than one big annual social event.


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